“Live your life and make your own choices” that’s what my dad wrote to me on the day I was born. I think he was right.

I believe with effort, intelligence and consideration, anything is possible. I’m imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, a thinker and love glaring contradictions that to me make perfect sense. Wouter prides himself on his inventiveness and creativity, his unique perspective and unrelenting logic.

We are both dreamers. From the day we’ve met we’ve dreamed together. So often, we started with, what if …? Many dreams became reality. We’ve lived at the beach, we’ve surfed, we made a career, we’ve studied, we’ve traveled.

We love traveling. We pretty much took each opportunity to fly out there to see the world. Even if that meant flying for a few days to Mexico to celebrate New Year. Jump on a plane within a week to live and work in Hong Kong for a few months while continuing an MBA back home. Go to Ethiopia to design the maintenance for a brewery, not knowing what to expect and when local tensions will rise.

This ‘see the world’ dream has always been bigger. There are so many fascinating places to explore. We want to be there. Really be there. So we made our choice to live our big dream: truly explore the world and live today.