Malaysia Life

From regatta excitement on the water to brain cracking in the class room. Five days hardcore theory. Read charts, calculate tides, navigation, meteorology, learn all lights, shapes, buoys, regulations… Who would have thought that when we left The Netherlands nine months ago? Not us!

It’s actually a bit strange. We are on a world trip exploring planet Earth, but at the moment it is as if we live in Langkawi. It’s our ‘home base’ during our sailing course and we fill the days with sailing and hanging out with our buddies. Great fun all together and still from time to time the travel eyes do open up.

Malaysia is a very welcoming country. It’s multi-cultural with a blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous people. It’s a country where you can find a temple, a mosque and a church in one street, all living happily next to each other. We’re of course not the experts but that’s how it comes across.

It’s not the first time we’ve been to Malaysia and it is a country easy to adopt to. Traffic is not madness – at least not as mad as other places in Asia – English is widely spoken, it’s pretty clean and organized and moreover the people are truly kind. Perhaps they are the kindest and most honest people we’ve met on our trip so far. And we’ve met a lot of kind people in all countries. One day, Wouter lost his mobile in a Grab (like Uber), the Grab driver, half an hour away, drove all the way back to return it. Or the other day, we forgot a few Ringgit change, until someone on a bike caught up with us to give it to us after all.

We like the Langkawi area on the water. It is a cluster of 99 islands, or 104 if it is low tide ☝🏻, and only two are inhabited. Green little islands. Turquoise sea and steady winds. A perfect place for sail lovers. On land it’s less exotic. Pretty much just an island. Or are we a tiny little bit spoiled or simply addicted to the water? 🤔 You tell us. We do have our favourite places to stay, eat, drink and hang out. We in particular love those local places with the round tables. Go here with a nice bunch of people, share all sorts of local food all around the table and a nice evening is guaranteed.

Perhaps with more effort there are worthwhile spots to explore on land, but we haven’t got around to that yet. We could have, but the week after our theory, when we were abandoned to stay another week ashore 😭, we took off to Kuala Lumpur instead.

The three days in KL felt like a week. And what a week! We met up with a friend and his friends. We did so many things. Most of them involved food. Food is, like everywhere in Asia, sort of a national hobby. The Asians can be busy with food like Europeans can talk forever and ever about weather. Ah by the way, it’s snowing back home in the Netherlands as I write. ❄️

Kuala Lumpur is a modern town. The city centre is a bit like Singapore but less strict. The eye catcher are the Twin Towers. And they are. Shining high into the sky. KL is also a diverse capital. We only saw a little glimpse of this out of the Grab when passing China town, little India and the old colonial buildings while we were on our way to meet at a new place to eat.

To our great joy we ate delicious food at various local places which are impossible to find for tourists. Great company and good food. 👍🏻 We ate and loved everything that was put in front of us. Indian, Malay, Chinese. Luckily, they didn’t put the chicken claws in front of us and kept that to themselves. 🙏🏻 All was so tasty and spicy. Not touristic spicy but local spicy. Real spicy. And we learned to eat with our hands. We did that before in India but apparently there is a ‘slide-it-in-with-thumb trick’ which saved us another trip to the laundry.

One time we were taken out for a Chinese lunch at a resort surrounded by a fruit orchard. We enjoyed a delicious fresh water fish and all sorts of exotic fruits. The dessert was a true Durian tasting. Durian is a big fruit with a strong smell and you like it, or you don’t. If you don’t, you probably hate it. We like it. Freshly picked from the tree, one was even tastier than the other. The texture is like ice cream, the taste I can’t explain.

This was not even the high light. The high light was the fact that we came here by – you will not believe it – a helicopter! We still can’t believe it. It was amazing. A smile from ear to ear and that smile is still there. We flew from the city to the fruit orchard to the jungle to chill a bit and back to town while enjoying the KL skyline from the air. What an experience. Unbelievable! 🙏🏻

>>> Check-out the heli-lunch Quick Story and 360º <<<

And now it’s time to get ourselves back to Phuket to board the boat again, to see what we remember of the theory 😱 and to sail back to Langkawi 😁, back to our temporarily home.

Hmmm, I only realize now that this blog talks a lot about food. Looks like we are adopting well to Asia. 😉

4 thoughts on “Malaysia Life

  1. Woooow, what an adventure and a way to go for lunch. You can check that one from your bucked list. Also great quick story and 360 again. Loved it!!

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  2. yeah, I think you are addicted to water and Food… as you wrote, a big part of the Story is about Food 🙂 Heli Lunch sounds exiting, enjoy… and: Congrats for your Certificates

    Liked by 1 person

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