Bali Break

Happy New Year! 

What a year 2018 has been for us! A year ago we decided to go on a world trip. 3 months of preparations, work and goodbyes and 9 months on the road, 17 countries visited, 52.378 km travelled and as I write 12.174 km from home. We could reflect on the 2018 high lights, but we won’t. It’s clear that the year was one BIG high light. 😎 We are grateful. 

Another exciting travel year is waiting for us. What will 2019 bring? We shall see. At first: X-mas break in Bali. After three weeks of sailing and socializing, Bali felt like some sort of holiday. We know that sounds pretty spoiled, going from one tropical island on to the next and to call it a holiday, but hey, even on a world trip you need a break now and then. 😉 

Bali is a tropical island full of temples, palm trees and scooters. It has something for everybody and in combi with the festive season it meant… …that we were not the only ones. 

It was no surprise. We’ve been to Bali nine years ago and at the time it was already an anthill of tourists, and nowadays it’s manic. And still, it’s possible to escape the madness and find paradise  somewhere. That is as long as you have enough patience to get through the many traffic jams. 

Nine years ago we escaped the beating tourism heart and travelled all around the island. This time we kept the travelling to a minimum – it’s holiday after all 😌 – and thus we located ourselves in Canggu. Nine years ago no more than a sleepy beach village surrounded by rice fields, today hip and happening, loaded with Aussies and a nice beach break for surfing. The main reason why we went to Bali. 

The waves were not mind blowing but good enough for some action and fun. And fun is the most important. The days passed by. Surf, tasty food, pool, chill, shopping… so basically good for us but boring to write about. 

Our travel genes eventually woke up just after New Year and triggered us to go to Nusa Lembognan, a little island 30 mins by boat from Bali. In 2010 an escape-the-hassle-spot where the locals were busy farming seaweed. In 2019 it turned out to be a surf and dive island without any seaweed. It’s gone! As is the horrible smell. What a change. Apparently, the chloride waste of swimming pools and plastics in the ocean made it harder to farm seaweed and the youngsters prefer the hospitality industry over seaweed. Seaweed farmer or dive instructor? You choose. 🤔

We stayed in a small hut overseeing the mountains with palm trees, a minute walk from Playgrounds: an easy reef break five minutes paddling from shore. At first it was pretty exciting. For us this is not everyday work. But there is hardly any current, it’s not too shallow and the wave breaks beautiful and rides long! So cool. We could easily live another week like this. And that was exactly our plan. Tranquila.😎

📧 You’ve got mail…. “If we are available to crew a racing boat during the Langkawi Sail Regatta next week…” Uh??????? Why not! We signed ourselves up as available crew some weeks ago. Without racing experience and the fact that the race is about to start in a few days we already forgot about it. And now we are in Bali and have three offers. An opportunity we can’t say no to. And so we change our flight, say farewell to Nusa Lembognan, do some more close-out surfing in Kuta and board the plane the day after to get back to Langkawi to meet the skipper and crew. Sometimes you just need to say yes and go for it. Take it as it comes. So excited what the regatta will bring! 

2019, thanks for the splendid start!

2 thoughts on “Bali Break

  1. Happy new year to you and god Luck with the Race.. as you wrote, sometimes you just have to say yes and take it as it Comes… to be honest, still a bit difficult to do this within RS

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