First Stop Berlin

We around the world started!! First stop Berlin. What we love about Berlin is not only that it is a great city, it is the fact that we’ve been here in 2015 and saw all the ‘must-sees’. Doing nothing to come into relax mode is a serious option!

We ‘live’ in Prenzlauer Berg and it is perfect. Prenzlauer Berg is a district without any known sights but has a great atmosphere. The buildings are all renovated after WWII, it has beautiful streets and it’s full of hip café’s and boutiques. We have an apartment next door to my nephew and his wife. It’s lovely to meet up again, to talk and spend time together. We’re lucky as it’s around twenty degrees, which means people live outside, and so are we. The temperature change is amazing. When we arrived on Sunday night it was snowing. It was so cold that we had no other option then to test (finally!) our brand new three-layer jackets (fleece, down and hard shell). We concluded that we will survive the Himalayas!

We fill the days with drinking coffee, taking a nap, do some walking, sitting on the street, watching people pass by, do some reading, so basically not much. It is exactly what we need. We watch the streets for hours and enjoy the little things. “Das Ampelmännchen” on the traffic lights. The abundance of graffiti all over the place with ugly tags as well as fine-looking street art. People wearing colorful alternative fashion (remember, we’ve lived ten years in WAZ, a small village…). People walking around with “fuß bier” – back home when walking with beer on the streets you’re seen as an alcoholic, in Berlin you enjoy life while saving some money.

In between we try to figure out what we feel, to reflect what we are doing, but it is hard to verbalize. We for sure feel tired which is not a surprise after the roller coaster of the last couple of months (…or years?!?). So much preparations and emotional goodbyes do take a lot of energy. We also feel calm which is bit of a new feeling and we think we like it. We don’t feel so excited, despite the big world trip that is in front of us. We hardly realize it. Russia, Mongolia, China and whatever comes next, it all still feels like a dream. We just happen to be in Berlin.

We did managed to get out of Prenzlauer Berg. We went to Kreuzberg, a multi-culti district where we continued our ‘Berlin way of living’: having lunch on the street and watching the street life. We went to Tempelhof Airport which is a former airport, used as a recreational space. We stood on the landing strip, took a picture and decided to have some coffee again, completely lacking energy to walk around.

On our last day in Berlin we were recharged, we thought…and biked around Berlin to see some sights. What an adventure! Being used to the comfort of Dutch cycle paths, it is hard to understand why cycle paths can simply end without any logic, handing you over to situations you don’t want to be in. With the help of our Dutch cycle skills we survived, although… it did ended in a complete crash in the afternoon. Back to bed. Ok, we surrender, we simply need more time to recover.

Doing nothing was a serious option in Berlin, just hard to realize. It’s ok, the world trip started, and life is beautiful 🙂

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